The New Organic

  • High fiber, high protein, no cholesterol
  • High in heart healthy Magnesium
  • More vitamin E than any other nut
  • 100% natural, Kosher, and non-GMO certified
  • Rich in Omega 9 oils, similar to olives

An addictively buttery and crunchy supernut


Mount Mayon Volcanic Pili Nuts are not just any nut. In fact they've been the gourmet snack industry's best kept secret until now.

Our melt-in-your-mouth nuts derive their remarkable superfood benefits from the exotic terrain surrounding the namesake volcano – incredibly fertile soil that is literally among the richest on earth. They're harvested from fruit that grows on the flowering Pili Nut tree, which thrives in a lush Philippine rainforest.

We guarantee you'll never have tasted anything like them before, and what's more they're super nutritious.

The Pili is known as 'the chosen one'. It is said that if you are near Pili Trees you have all that is needed in the form of food, shelter and medicine.

To radically boost their energy, nutritional and beauty benefits, our Volcanic Pili Nuts are carefully sprouted in pure artisan water, which unleashes their dynamic mineral and nutrient profile and also allows for easy digestion.

They contain high levels of heart healthy Omegas, all 8 essential amino acids and they're a treasure chest of bioavailable minerals.

The Range:




Savory or sweet tooth? We've got you covered.


Himalayan Pink Salt Pili Nuts

Many people believe that Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest on the planet. With Pili Nuts' dynamic mineral and nutrient profile (Magnesium, Phosphorus, and B Vitamins), our proprietary SloDry™ method unlocks the addictive gourmet flavor of each nut and the salt accentuates their savory addictively buttery taste. You'll finish a bag of these so fast that we doubt you'll have time to reseal it!

Ecuadorian Cacao Pili Nuts

We’ve gently rolled our Volcanic Pili Nuts in antioxidant-rich cacao and organic coconut sugar, one of earth’s most nutritious natural sweeteners. Buttery, crunchy, exactly the right side of sweet and sublime, the shot of cacao gives you a chocolate fix with none of the guilt.


The Source:




Lush organic soil
at the foot of an
iconic volcano

Mount Mayon reaches 2462 m above the Philippines Albay Gulf. A remote destination shrouded in legend and folklore.

The name Mayon is derived from the Bicolano word Magayon, meaning “beautiful,” and this fertile terrain has produced a singular food that promotes beauty, nourishment and inner health.

The soil surrounding the Mount Mayon volcano is considered among the richest on the planet. In this astonishing setting, the annual rainfall is more than twice that of the Amazon.

The Process:




17 Steps to Perfection

You’re about to experience the true meaning of scrumptious!

Our nutrient and mineral rich nuts are pre-sprouted in pure artisan water. From there, our secret 17 step SloDry™ process sustains the delicate, healthy oils and powerful proteins giving our nuts their addictively smooth-yet-crunchy, buttery texture.


Mount Mayon Volcanic Pili Nuts
Mount Mayon Volcanic Pili Nuts
Mount Mayon Volcanic Pili Nuts Range

The Story:




Created sustainably, with the local Filipino community

After years of experimentation and collaboration, we've developed an effective method for harvesting these sublime, melt-in-your-mouth nuts from fruit that grows on the flowering evergreen Canarium ovatum tree.

Mount Mayon Pili Nuts are limited batch grown naturally and sustainably in the Philippine rain forest.

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