Who we are

We are artisanal nut production
specialists with a passion for the
Philippines and the Pili Nut

Mount Mayon was created by a small group of friends. We came together and blended our skills, knowledge, creativity, love for the Philippines and obsession for nutrition and fine food to develop the world’s most perfect nut.

Dr. James & Steve

Dr. James Costello and
Dr. Steve Costello

Brothers with degrees from Minnesota in biochemistry and dentistry, Drs. James and Steve Costello found themselves in Hong Kong in the 1980s, where they continued studies in Naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a keen interest in promoting health and longevity through nutrition, they sought out new and exciting local foods in Asia that were as yet unknown to the Western world.

It was love at first bite when on intelligence gathering, deep in the Mount Mayon region over ten years ago, Drs. James and Steve tasted the raw Pili Nut. Upon learning that raw Pilis do not have a long shelf life, James and Steve became consumed with finding a way to preserve the nut’s exquisite qualities, so it could be shared with the rest of the world. They applied their science including ancient Chinese pre-sprouting methods to the Pili Nut, which proved to be miraculous.

With the help of friends, co-founders Cara and David Weil, mountains of research, and years of development, the world’s smoothest nut was born.



Cara Gallardo Weil

Born in Hong Kong to Filipino parents, Cara’s appetite for delicious and interesting food began at a young age. As a child, her mother, an editor for a Hong Kong-based magazine, would test recipes submitted to the publication before accepting them for print. The 60s in Hong Kong was a thriving metropolis of interesting cultures. Still under British colonial rule, the city attracted people from all walks of life and nationalities, and the family’s love of global cuisine developed from the work associates and friends that they spent time with.

Cara developed a fondness for cooking both traditional Filipino and international cuisine. She took her talents to London, where after several years of working in the design industry, she and some friends opened a popular delicatessen in Borough Market, serving up mouth-watering global and fusion cuisine to devoted patrons.

Cara’s expertise in design and food have merged with her involvement in Mount Mayon. She has been spending time working with our team to develop the finest Pili Nut brand on the planet. Consumed with her passion for food, Cara works with the team to create the most exquisite flavors and products of Pili Nuts. As an accomplished designer, she has also been entrusted with creating Mount Mayon’s gorgeous logo and packaging.

When she’s on the road, Cara always makes sure to keep a few packets of Mount Mayon Premium Pili Nuts on her. She likes to snack on them, but most importantly, she loves sharing our nuts with the world.



David Weil

David has lived in Asia since the 1970s, including the Philippines and Hong Kong. For the past 30 years he has worked in the food and drink industry in the Philippines, with a focus on sales and marketing. Captivated by Filipino culture and food, David is crazy about Pili Nuts. Launching Mount Mayon Premium Pili Nuts to international fame is a culmination of his passion borne out of love for the Philippines, its superfood possibilities, and to introduce to the world’s foodie fans Mount Mayon Premium Pili Nuts that are today the most highly awarded and respected Pili Nuts on the planet.